WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd size!

This night i saw 2 threads on the Ajax forum. The 2 threads were about the size of the Webresource.axd and the Scriptresource.axd, the developer said that these files were to big. While i was typing my answer for the developer, Kris van der Mast was already finshed with his answer. He said that the solution to this issue was setting <compilation debug=”false”>. My solution was setting <Scriptmanager Scriptmode=”Release”>. So i decided to check these 2 solutions. Well, i came to the conclusion that is makes no difference which solution you choose, they have the same effect.

When you set <compilation debug=”false”> and you don’t set the Scriptmode (which is “Auto” by defaut) the Scriptlibaries that will be send to the client while inherit the setting debug=false (so release=true). So the smaller scriptlibraries will be send to the client.

When you set <compilation debug=”true”> and the Scriptmode=”Release” then the compilation element will be overriden and the release scriptlibraries will also be send to the client.

My preference will go the latest option. Why? Well the first option has consequences for the whole application and the second option only on the page where you are working on. I hope you agree with me! 


4 Responses to WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd size!

  1. klaus_b says:

    I absolute agree with you and prefere the same solution.

  2. Excelent article…

  3. Olli says:

    Thx a lot for that!

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