TFS Fissum part 2

Hi there, well i told you in my previous posting that you are able to add new work items to TFS but i didn’t showed you some examples. my mistake! so here are some screenshot of workitems that we can add to our TFS enviroment at Avanade. This template based on a template that we developed based on ACM (Avanade Connected Methods).

Adding a new issue

new issue

Adding a defect


Adding a new scenario


The panel that are used to add new workitems are very familiair to the panels we see in VSTS. Hopefully this will give you a good impression about Fissum, when there a new cool features released on this tool i will post about it. Like i already said soon i will post about the funtionalities that Teamplain offer, to give you a good impression which tool you can use to manage your project. Thanks!


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