MSSCCI Provider and branched solutions

A few weeks ago I had a fight with the MSSCCI provider version 1.2. This version of the provider should work with branches in VS2003. Well because we have multiple developers on our project branches would be nice!!

Something that I have to say is that we converted our web application project to a class library project. This can give you some strange errors when you are working on a branched project.

Well the big difference between working with VS2003 with TFS and VS2005 with TFS, is that the solution file of your project will contain mappings for TFS and the local system (in the GlobalSection(SourceCodeControl) section).

The situation we created was, we had branched the (original) project folder to another folder (BranchA). The solution file which was also branched contained the old mappings of the original project for some projects (Wep Applications). Open your solution file with notepad and look for “SccProjectName”.

Michal Malecki from Microsoft was very helpful with this problem. We made changes to the .sln file (mappings to the right project in TFS) the local mappings were OK. The next thing he suggested is when you want to open your branched project, don’t do this with the source control explorer. You have to open it from VS2003 and select Open from source control. This will make the provider create MSSCCPRJ.SCC files. He will create one for the whole solution and one per project. When you open the branched solution within the source control explorer these files don’t get created a you will have bindings to your original project.

What does this file contain? This file contains only 2 rows:
• Workspace information
• The account you are using
• The Path to TFS where your project resides

A good summary would be branche your solution in the source control explorer and open it within VS2003. I hope this is helpful for you. i took me more then a day to fix this problem (with a lot of help from Michal Malecki, thanks)


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