VS 2008 Javascript debugging

Like all developers i read the blog of Scott Guthrie and saw more interesting stuff about VS 2008. We already knew that there will be Javascript intellisense available in VS 2008, but Scott shows some more details about it. There are a couple of cool feautres and two of them i am very excited about Script document navigation in the solution explorer and breakpoints in embedded javascript. In VS 2005 you are able to use the script explorer this is another pane that isn’t standaard visible in VS 2005. This explorer show all the scripts that have be loaded into you webpage. In VS 2008 this will be standard available and integrated in the solution explorer. Very cool!!

In VS 2005 we can’t set breakpoints in the JavaScript that is embedded in your HTML, only if you have JavaScipt in another file you are able to set a breakpoint. When it is embedded you have to work with keywords like ‘debugger’ or ‘Sys.Debug.fail(‘FAIL’)’. In VS 2008 it is possible to add breakpoints to embedded Javascript. So working with Javascript will be more and more like working with C# in VS 2008. Check the blog of Scott Guthrie


2 Responses to VS 2008 Javascript debugging

  1. Erik says:

    He Dennis, goed bezig, je eigen blog! 🙂
    Groeten, Erik (Sogyo)

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks Erik! Leuk dat je hem gevonden hebt!

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