OpenAJAX Hub

Since Microsoft joined the openAJAX alliance i have checked the site of openAJAX alliance maybe twice.  Today i am convinced that i have to do it more often. I read a very interesting article about the “OpenAJAX hub”. I admit i am a little late. The OpenAJAX Hub in one sentence, will be used to integrate multiple Ajax frameworks into one webpage. So when you want to use AJAXIUM and the ASP.NET AJAX controls in one webpage because both frameworks contain controls that you like to use in your webpage you have to use the OpenAJAX Hub. The hearth of the OpenAjax Hub is the Publish/ subscriber manager (they call it the pub/sub manager). This manager is responsible for managing events within the webpage. I could happen that Ajax Control A (Build with AJAXIUM) triggers an event which has to update Ajax Control B (build with ASP.NET AJAX). To let these controls communicate with eachother Control B has to subscribe to the event of Control A at the pub/sub manager. The manager will fix the interoperability between the different framework. For more information check this .



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