Started a SQL Azure database

After developing a WCF service for the cloud i started developing a simple database for the cloud. After creating my database i was able to connect with SQL Server 2008 R2 to my database in the cloud. Once i got my database up and running with multiple database objects i connected my WCF service with the database. So far so good. I like the cloud solution of Microsoft! You don’t have to work very differently when you take a look at the development we are used to, so this is great. I am still hoping for a project soon where i can develop a real business application for the cloud.


2 Responses to Started a SQL Azure database

  1. Jonathan says:

    I assume you used SQL Server Management Studio to connect to SQL Azure. Once you connect to SQL azure, you can perform management tasks just like that on SQL Server. You are not limited to using TSQL. The new Windows Azure Platform Management portal also provide table designer and table data editor, see

    • dennisv says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      You are right. My Colleague Tijmen van der Kamp also mentioned that there is a way to design your database objects in a visual manner. I was probably a bit sleepy when i designed my tables. Thanks for you comment!



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