No more broken build with gated check-ins

In VSTS 2010 Microsoft has a pretty cool feature called “gated check-in”. This will prevent a check-in if it will break the build. Brian Harry mentioned this on his blog.



Branching and Merging visual tools in VSTS2010

Microsoft is developing some pretty cool visualization features for branches. Sometimes it’s hard to explain to developers how you want to work with branches. You have a branch for the code base which is running right now on the production server. In case you get some bugs in production which should be fixed quickly, just switch to your production branch and fix the bug. Well when i got a bug in my production branch it’s also in my development branches. I should merge the bugs fix back to my developement branches. You can imaging that knowing which code runs where is pretty hard on a project with multiple branches.

There are whitepapers for branching strategies. When should i make a branch? when must I merge my development branch to the production branch. Which features are available in which branch. With the new visual tools coming in VSTS2010 this is very well organized. You have to check the following screencast on Channel9. Enjoy!